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Fig 3
ETS1 is associated with cisplatin resistance through IKKα NF κB Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 17841294
Brainsci 08 g001
Brain Sciences Free Full Text Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 29482169

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Overexpression of miR 30e inhibits the ability of cell proliferation migration and invasion in BC cells a Relative miR 30e expression levels were
MiR 30e inhibits tumor growth and chemoresistance via tar ing IRS1 Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 623500
ALI multilayered mono cultures show chemoresistance A B Histograms showing the A units of caspases 1–10 activity and B the levels of cytochrome c
Multilayered Cultures of NSCLC cells grown at the Air Liquid Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 623226
Molecules 21 g005
Molecules Free Full Text Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 24861787
magnification —400 B Western blot analysis of Twist expression subsequent to the addition of 0 1 µg ml tetracycline for 2 4 6 8 10 and 12 h in 293T
Association between Twist and multi resistance gene‑associated Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 18481018
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Endotoxin Mediated Downregulation of Hepatic Drug Transporters in Büro-Mietvertragsvorlage 8621164